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Create your own magnetic field 2 (mp3)

Create your own magnetic field No. 2:
In Love of Being - The Divine 432 hz music

(Audition below this text!)

After the music "Cell Renewal" with the frequency of 432 Hertz-music, which is especially important to open up holistically and consciously for the new dimension, which is just opening up to us, and to vibrate into it, we have now brought this music CD into being.

Do you also feel that "something" is no longer correct? That many things change and that you have the feeling that everything is going to be somehow more and more crazy, sometimes your own feelings and experiences?

As an example (and perhaps also as an explanation) the pole migration, the radiation of the sun and cosmic radiation in general on the earth & the resulting magnetic field changes, which affect us all and exert effects of a special kind on us, are mentioned.

It's too easy to suppress that, but it's not advisable!

In order to really get through this time consciously, in order to be able to vibrate healthy and on a higher level (the above-mentioned changes are happening now!), it is necessary to activate two special places in the body and simultaneously increase them.

First, we would like to introduce an inauguration anthem from ancient Egypt:

"Dead are those who do not see the light
and walk into Nuit like a madman.
But Osire is alive!
Glorious is Osire, the shining;
for he has lit a light in his head.
The eye of the R has risen in its parting.
And his rays surround his forehead like a crown.
are dead whose hearts don't beat any more!
in the nutrient flow of Mother Isis.

But Isis, the Divine, lives
and is located in the heart of everyone's heart
I'm not gonna leave.
But only those who love her
and calls her by her name,
to which she comes and spreads out to him
in a soft breeze.

R, the father of the universe, is sublime.
and Osire is his son whom he loves.
But Isis is mother and sister."

(from: Fraternity of Silvani: Message of James. The Scriptures of the Spirit. Publisher Wahren-Schne-Guten, 1982, p. 48)

In this ancient hymn rests the light, a wisdom that is more important today than ever before.

The main (head) is the organ (the pineal/pineal gland) which has to be ignited, i. e. awakened.
In the heart (according to the "Message of James, the Scripture of the Spirit") lies a special small vein, which contains no blood in the living body and only fills itself with watery blood in death. This small vessel contains the substance, which is the same as that from which all life originates - the divine, all-pervading substance. (Whether "only" meant symbolically, or whether there is also an anatomical equivalent, we could not yet clarify.

This substance, this light of gentle warmth in the middle of the heart, connects all people with everything that is!

These are the two places in the body that need to be awakened, activated and nurtured. All other chakras/glands will follow almost automatically.

In the head (main) is the throne of the Osire and in the heart the chair of Isis.

Nuit is the sea of light itself, the creative primordial light (God). Night is to the blind man who has not yet been awake and wanders in it, but light is to the eyes that opened up in the eye of R.

Isis, the Divine, the Mother and Sister, are the two hearts - the physical heart and the lover, which is filled with the divine substance.

Osire, the Son, is therefore in the pineal gland, the gland of faith (see category "The 12 Spiritual Forces"). When awakened, the gland is connected to the crown chakra, which unites us with the superconscious, the R (God-Father-Superconsciousness).

Why is that important now?

It is well known that the Earth's magnetic pole wanders, that the sun contributes with extremely strong solar storms and rays, and that a particularly strong eruption is predicted in 2020, of which one does not yet know how precise or severe the effects will be. But what does that mean for us humans?

A lot!

Right now - it's happening now - all this is about to happen! It is therefore incredibly important to prepare for a special time of "awakening", which is connected with the weakened or fluctuating earth's magnetic field and the possible pole migration.

Because as above, as below - as inside, as outside. That is, what happens outside, with the earth and in connection with the sun, indeed has its effects on us.

This is not an imagination or any kind of madness, but rather a fact confirmed by many scientists and researchers. How could it be otherwise than that we humans who live in this system should not be directly affected by the effects on the earth, its sun and cosmic events? That's impossible!

The magnetic field changes due to the pole migration. The sun's rays and storms hit the earth and thus us "unfiltered". Regionally, the "protective field" of the earth opens up and lets in radiation that has a direct effect on us.

If you are not awake, unaware, do not know anything about it, this can have bad consequences. Unconscious people show aggressive and violent (psychically conspicuous) behavior depending on the tendency.

Conscious people, however, can use these conditions by actually "waking up", raising themselves and making a consciousness leap that has not yet been made on this earth (at least nothing is known). And that is a really positive and positive aspect, which makes any anxiety unnecessary!

In order to experience the leap in consciousness, however, it is important to prepare oneself.

Conscious living also means preparing oneself physically, not only mentally and spiritually. The pineal gland plays a special role here.

This gland in the middle of our brain regulates the functions of all other glands in our body as the "main gland" (the correspondences to the individual glands can be found in our category "The 12 mental powers") and is connected to our entire nervous system.

If this gland is sick or not fully functional, the process mentioned above is not possible or not possible in this positive sense. For this gland connects us with the superconscious, the I AM, the Christ Consciousness, the Higher Self (however one may call the divine Being), which flows through all 12 spiritual forces (glandular glands) with its superintelligence and universal wisdom (as far as one allows it).

Tip: To enhance or activate the function of the pineal gland, we recommend the music created especially for this purpose: 432 Hz music for the senses of the soul.

The pineal gland is endangered because we seem to be deliberately prevented from keeping it healthy and active. Fluorine, for example, is a poison and one of the strongest antagonists that calcifies the pineal gland and makes it "sick". Therefore, it is particularly important not to consume fluorine (e. g. added in toothpaste and water, which we unfortunately also use in tap water in different doses depending on the region); a tip that we consider important.

The pineal gland is the gland that opens our access to the divine, the gland that is connected to the crown chakra and unites us with all that is. If their function is disturbed, we are separated from it.

The second important point in the body is the heart. Here is the part that contains the aspect of love (love is the joy of creation). Head (brain, thinking and access to the superconsciousness) and heart (love, joy and life) should act and be active on an equal footing.

Being ready means to unite superconsciousness and love!

We know from science that the brain and the heart generate electromagnetic fields, whereby the heart generates a much stronger than the brain.

Once the gland (and thus the heart chakra) located in the heart is cleaned, opened and ready, its magnetic field also increases. If we know this, we can already realize it by imagining (and feeling) how energy flows out of our heart, how an "energy ball" is formed around our heart, how it expands further and further and encompasses our whole person, and how this "energy ball" forms a healthy and divine field around us like the magnetic field of the earth (googling to "heart" and "magnetic field" to visualize it more precisely)

Thus we are able to create our own magnetic field!

In order to do justice to these two important aspects in our time, to prepare ourselves and to be awake & healthy, we have created 2 pieces of music for you in the 432 heartbeat vibration.

The 432 Hertz music CD:

Create your own magnetic field
1. Inside the light to look the light - The Shining One - running time: 36:54 min.
2. In Love of Being - The Divine - Running time: 38:38 min.

Running time: 75:36 min.

Together with the activation of the glands/chakras, these two pieces allow an access to the superconscious mind, which remains constant and perfect and rests in itself, in the here and now.

Finding and maintaining this anchor point in oneself is the most important thing a person can do at this time of upheaval and change!

  Piciture Urheber, dadoo25071991, Fotolia.com

Text & title copyright by Petra Meier (reuse, also in extracts, only allowed with written permission)

Attention! The booklets of all CDs are only in German language!

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