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Music as the primordial substance of the cosmos

We are surrounded by sounds, noises and music. The car on the street, the laughing neighbour, the music in the supermarket, the singing of the birds and the murmuring of the brook etc. - sounds resound from everywhere.
But what happens when we hear something? Do sounds have other meanings than communication? What happens in the body, what happens in the soul when music reaches our ears? And who determines the frequency at which musical instruments are tuned?

The frequencies are quite a thing. It is easy to get confused when you hear about concert pitch, 432 hertz music and then also about solfeggio frequencies. Let's get to grips with the subject.

The concert pitch, the tuning pitch or standard pitch, is the general reference point that musical groups or orchestras use to tune their instruments.
The pitch of the commonly used concert pitch A today is the bowed A (a′ also a1). Since 1939, the valid standard concert pitch in many countries has been fixed at 440 hertz (HZ).

However, if one goes back further in history, one learns that the original and special frequencies used since ancient times are now known as solfeggio frequencies.
These special frequencies were used by monks for spiritual and healing purposes long before they fell into oblivion.
The reason for this was supposedly the Catholic Church, which had banned these powerful vibrations of the individual frequencies through the Vatican. The real reason for the ban was the knowledge that these frequencies had mind-expanding effects on singers and listeners and posed great danger to the power structures within the Catholic Church.

Later, in the 20th century, Herbert von Karajan temporarily drove the Berlin Philharmonic to 448 hertz because, he thought, the violins would sound more brilliant. For the singers, the raised pitch proved problematic. The tenor Luciano Pavarotti and the composer Richard Strauss therefore advocated lowering the concert pitch.
The conductors Bruno Walter and Nikolaus Harnoncourt, however, were supporters of the 432 hertz tuning. Albert Schweitzer and Rudolf Steiner also preferred this tuning due to spiritual and holistic medical approaches.
The concert pitch in 432 hertz is said to have a very harmonious effect on the body, to promote healthy cell metabolism and to synchronise the two hemispheres of the brain. In addition, the 432 hertz vibration is said to resonate in harmony with the human being, nature and the cosmos and thus also takes on a spiritual, holistic note.

In the mid-1970s, two Americans, the dentist Dr. Leonhard Horowitz and the naturopath and leading herbalist Dr. Joseph Puleo, rediscovered the six special Solfeggio frequencies. In their work "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" they described the powerful frequencies and their different ways of working on the human body. They also discovered a pattern of repeating codes. Likewise, the Serbian scientist, inventor, physicist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla pointed out in his work the significance of these three numbers (codes) as fundamental indices of the divine and creative power, as well as the energetic relationships of our physical world.

The respective frequency describes the value of how many vibrations per second a tone triggers. The units of measurement are called "Herzt" (HZ).
The brainwave frequencies were also named (after the physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz) in Hertz as the unit of vibration.

Sound therapy pioneer David Hulse, after 50 years of experience as a motivational speaker with years of research in metaphysics, science, sound and spirituality, described the solfeggio frequencies that Joseph M. Clearwater also uses in his compositions:

UTqueant laxis - 396 Hz - Liberation from guilt and fear.
REsonare fibris - 417 Hz - resonance with the universe, undoing situations and facilitating change
MIra gestorum - 528 Hz - transformation, miracles and signs, repairing DNA
FAmuli tuorum - 639 Hz - Harmonious relationships and connections
SOLive polluti- 741 Hz - Awakening of intuition, expression & solutions, purification & release
LAbii reatum - 852 Hz-Return to spiritual order

Three other solfeggio frequencies were discovered by Dr Leonard Horowitz:
174 Hz -frequency of the earth energies
285 Hz -frequency of the original form and energy
963 Hz -frequency of divine harmony

When listening to the Solfeggio frequencies, people can be transported into heavenly spheres (vibrations) and bring the body into balanced resonance.
Solfeggio music helps to find healing, harmony, health and well-being.
It is said to be the key to the universe and to have a direct influence on human well-being.
If the soul is healthy, the whole person can be healthy - because: If the soul suffers, the body suffers too.

Through the sounds, the air is set into vibration (likewise as with water, which is sonicated). The vibration is there, even if you may not be able to perceive it.
Each individual solfeggio frequency has its own special sound frequency that resonates with the cells and organs and can produce a balancing, transforming and healing effect that ultimately unfolds not "only" on the body, but primarily on the soul and psyche.
Thus, each individual solfeggio frequency has a very specific mode of action, since basically all matter vibrates at a certain frequency. Logically also the human body, the spirit (consciousness) & likewise the soul (see personal soul music in 528 Hertz frequency by Joseph M. Clearwater).

Thus, through the effect of vibrations (listening to music with solfeggio frequencies), changes can be triggered that positively influence the entire human being (body, mind & soul) and stimulate the self-healing powers (activate self-healing powers in 528 hertz) in a holistic way. This can also trigger certain states of consciousness that correspond to the influencing frequencies and activate the self-healing powers on all levels of our being.
That is why the Solfeggio frequencies have a consciousness-expanding, pain-relieving and anxiety-relieving effect that can bring about transformation, so that we have more zest for life, Úlan and energy available to us and at the same time strengthen our self-confidence.

Music in the Hertz frequencies is said to have a healing, relaxing and balancing effect by, among other things, bringing breathing and heartbeat into harmony.
People suffering from anxiety, restlessness and psychosomatic complaints in particular can benefit from this calming effect.

Let us remember, already in the Bible it says: In the beginning was the Word. The word is sound!
And if we (body, mind & soul) are not vibrating harmoniously, this can lead to blockages within us, which can ultimately create all kinds of pain and suffering.

Every part of our body vibrates in its own way.
There is also special music for this on Musik-Apotheke: The 12 Spiritual Forces in 432 Hertz.
The 12 spiritual forces in the human being are connected to the entire nervous system of the body and their respective seat is in the glandular and nervous centres of the human being.
In the places in the body where the nerve glands are located, therefore, lie the important spiritual forces that have always worked in the subconscious of the human being and ultimately also make up the physical condition.
It is advisable to consciously feel into this region, to feel the respective spiritual force there and to let the vibration of the 432 Hertz music flow into it. The fine nervous system in the body absorbs the harmonic vibrations and contributes to regeneration.
Health is the actual normal state - there are many illnesses, but only one health!

Swing into the heavenly frequencies of the universe.
Petra Meier


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