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Info about Binaural Beats

Our music with binaural beats was intentionally created very discreetly!

The binaural beats nevertheless work just as well, even if they do not drown out the harmonic melodies of our music!

Use the binaural beats to consciously control brain waves/frequencies. It doesn't matter if you want to relax deeply or if you want to swing in in the highest way brightly awake and highly concentrated, the binaural beats make it possible!

General information about the Binaural Beats:
As early as 1837, the physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that sounds with different frequencies can be changed positively in a natural way and almost without side effects. Binaural beats are a way of consciously stimulating brain waves from the outside in order to adapt them to a previously defined frequency range.

How do binaural beats work?
Heinrich Wilhelm Dove proved that, for example, hearing a tone with a frequency of 400 Hz in the left ear and a frequency of 410 Hz in the right ear creates an imaginary tone of 10 Hz in the brain. After some time the brain waves will settle at a frequency of about 10 Hz. Binaural means "to have two ears". Brain wave entrainment takes place in the brain and describes the process described above, in which the brain calculates the difference between two differently frequented tones and adapts accordingly to the new wavelength and frequency. Once adapted, the brain waves begin to produce the same frequency. This amplifies the desired positive effects. This effect is called "Frequency Following Response" (FFR).

As described above, binaural beats can put brain waves (or the brain) into different states. Altogether there are frequencies of the brain waves in five different categories:
Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma
(see our titles - descriptions can be found there for each frequency)

1. Delta 0.1 to <4 Hz - Dreamless sleep, regeneration & healing, spiritual connection with all that is.

2. Theta 4 to <8 Hz - Light sleep, REM phase, Dream/Trance state in which you consciously experience dreams, relaxation,     healing, spiritual connection with all that is, a calm mind and meditative thoughts.

3. Alpha 8 to 13 Hz - relaxation, state shortly before and after sleep, increased memory and learning ability, regenerative benefits for body & mind - builds harmonious connection.
4. Beta >13 to 30 Hz - wide awake, mental activity, concentration, good receptivity and attention.
5.  Gamma >30 Hz - Mental peak performance, problem solving, connectedness and bliss, increased attention of all five senses, a high degree of self-discipline, quick understanding of complex contexts, mental peak performance, problem solving (for all 4 bodies of manna music).

!!! Important !!!

When listening to binaural beats in the low frequency range (see table below), keep your eyes closed. Because with the opening of the eyes the frequency in the brain goes automatically into a higher range.

It is best to lie down comfortably and relax!

Please be careful with these binaural beats - the binaural beats influence the brain waves (brain) and should never be used by the way or unconsciously. Thanks a lot!

DO NOT APPLY IF: Epileptics are - suffering from severe migraine - suffering from a mental illness & taking medication in this regard! Please always ask your doctor in case of doubt!

Never listen to binaural beats while operating machines or driving a car!

We therefore expressly point out (through the points mentioned above) that you listen to binaural beats on your own responsibility and release us from any guilt regarding physical/mental/spiritual injury - this is also valid if you pass on our music to third parties or use it with family members, for example!

Legally, we distance ourselves from "health-promoting" claims or even promises of healing. Therefore we point out also here that our music is not substituted for medical prescriptions or is agreed to treat diseases of all kinds!

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