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CD: DNA-Activation - 528 Hertz

CD: DNA-Activation - 528 Hertz

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This music "DNA activation", was played in the basic tuning of the instrument of 432 Hertz and optimized at 528 Hertz. This means that the sound was raised in frequency at 528 Hertz in order to achieve the optimal effect of the music.

The 528 Hertz frequency has the ability to internally guide the door to the inner space of silence, to repair damaged DNA strands in our cells, to activate them in their perfect quality and to bring us as a whole into a harmonious balance, into the here and now, in harmony with the "Being, the Divine".
This frequency also has the ability to activate and vitalize water - at the same time, of course, in our body.
The healing sound colour of this 528 Hertz frequency corresponds to the colour green (a light green) as in the middle of the rainbow and this colour also corresponds to the colour of our heart chakra.

Dr. Horowitz, an award-winning Havard researcher said: "Love has a special sound and colour. The 528 Hertz music is the "LIebessignal", one of the six at the core of creative frequencies in the universe - mathematics does not lie! The geometry of universal physical reality reflects this music. These independently derived results have been empirically confirmed."
In this respect one can assume that the right music can open hearts, help to achieve inner peace and support healing.

It is now well known and very interesting to know that a system with six tones, which was used in the early Middle Ages for church chants, e.g. for Gregorian chants, was based on this frequency.
These so-called Solfeggio frequencies have a healing effect on people. The Italian word Solfeggio is derived from the names of the notes SOL and FA and describes a singing exercise developed by Guido Arezzo, an Italian monk in the 11th century.
The 528 Hz frequency called Mira (Mi) gestorum - miracle-g gesture sign, is particularly interesting here and in general the reason why the Solfeggio frequency sequence has now been brought back from oblivion in its original form.
In a time, often called the "dark middle ages", a very precise knowledge of healing has obviously been applied practically (see also Hildegard von Bingen, Paracelsus, etc.).
The 528 Hertz frequency is "by chance" the frequency with which scientists repair defective DNA strands. The term "miracle" seems to be very appropriate!

Text Petra Meier
Title Petra Meier
Cover Design: Petra Meier
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