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CD: The LCP-Method CDs 1 - 6

CD: The LCP-Method CDs 1 - 6

The LCP-Method


CD 1:
1. I deserve to be happy! 11:41
2. I have success! 10:22
3. I'm perfectly healthy! 12:42
4. I know my true nature! 14:46
5. I know my power and strength! 12:14
6. I am a magnet for money! 6:10

running time: 01:08:08

CD 2:
1. I recognize that I create my own reality! 11:44
2. I deserve that I'm fine! 9:40
3. I deserve to be loved! 10:38
4. I love the life I live! 13:01
5. I am free! 11:58
6. I am satisfied with my body! 10:36

running time: 01:07:50

CD 3:
1. I achieve my goals effortlessly! 10:44
2. I deserve the fulfillment of my desires! 12:44
3. I have a healthy self-confidence! 8:44
4. I am a capable person and will be appreciated! 8:54
5. I'm quite perfect, strong, powerful loving, harmonious and happy! 10:38
6. I love money and money loves me! 10:05

running time: 01:02:03

CD 4:
1. I deserve to succeed! 9:16
2. I deserve that financially I'm fine! 9:42
3. I am a shrewd diplomat! 12:48
4. I am brave and determined! 14:29
5. I believe in myself! 11:46
6. I am a worthwhile person! 10:18

running time: 01:08:35

CD 5:
1. I master my life with joy and gratitude! 12:12
2. I am a lovable person! 12:22
3. I have my ideal figure! 12:12
4. I am a magnet for my ideal partner! 12:04
5. I am a magnet for joy and happiness! 9:33
6. I recognize yourself! 12:30


running time: 01:11:09

CD 6:
1. I am a magnet for my wish fulfillment! 5:20
2. I am a magnet for miracles! 6:07
3. I can sleep well and relax! 9:33
4. I feel limitless free! 13:38
5. I harmonize my earthly existence! 31:10

running time: 01:06:00



The following programs can be anchored along with this:

Talk with your subconscious mind and tell it the following:
»Every time this music plays, be it softly or loudly, you will delete all beliefs and patterns that still prevent me to be happy. 
Should I think something like:
... I cannot do this. I do not believe in this. That won’t work for me. That would be too easy. But I have such strong pain. I am poor. Nobody loves me. I cannot succeed. I am a failure. I am incapable. I will never believe this. I am suffering. I have failed. My experiences tell me something different. (Insert that which comes to mind)
… you will immediately erase these negative blockages, as well as any other beliefs, I may have not yet recognized that deny me my goal. 
Everything, emotions, thoughts, everything that has something to do with this subject will be cleared. 
I do not have to focus on this. 
You will do this all by yourself, without me having to think on it! 


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