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Sounding prayers - (MP3)

Sounding Prayers

The music title is meant for personal prayers and meditations of all kinds to support and reinforce the effect of the respective prayer or meditation.

The music has a sunny, wide chakrakter that creates inner freedom.

A true prayer symbolizes the knowledge that what has been asked is already fulfilled - this is true faith, which contains power, attention and devotion and makes every hope come true. The general understanding of prayer that one should ask for something that is not yet, in reality, strengthens "what is not yet". It will therefore remain as it is.

Therefore, a prayer should always be a prayer of thanksgiving. This music can be used to meditate on this theme in general, consolidate and sustain the prayers of thanksgiving.

Prayer is nothing more than a gift to a higher authority, a swinging into one's own self, in order to finally recognize that there is no difference between the two.


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