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The Personal Soul Music

The Personal Soul Music
The Personal Soul Music

Unique, individual music compositions!
Your individual SOUL MUSIC "by Joseph M. Clearwater

Your personal soul music (on CD with approx. 30 minutes each)

► The Personal Soul Music is also available in 432 Hertz or 528 Hertz-optimized.
Please enter your request at the end of the order process in the text field for "Remarks". Thank you very much!

Production time: Depending on the order situation, this can last up to 1-3 weeks.
    (Your personal CD with the soul music will be composed after the money has been received and will be sent by post to 
    It sends. You will receive an e-mail from us as soon as the CD is sent. We recommend that you add the music for
    copy your private use to have a backup copy in case the CD gets damaged!

To create a personal soul music, the composer only needs your first and last name.
Date of birth would be an advantage, but is not a condition. If you want to enter the date of birth (voluntary), then please let us know separately in an e-mail. Thank you very much.

We ask you to place your order in good time, as production takes a certain amount of time.
Thank you very much for your Understand!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time by e-mail.

Unique, individual music compositions:
Your individual SOUL MUSIC "by Joseph M. Clearwater

From now on, there is a unique opportunity to support you in your connection with your soul and in the daily realization of your potential, strength, love and power:
Your individual soul music is composed and musically implemented by Joseph M. Clearwater, who has been the creator of LIGHT CLASSIC PSYCHOPHONIC for more than 30 years, as a unique one-of-a-kind piece of music for you.
You will receive a composition that does not exist a second time in the world and is as unique as you are!
Joseph M. Clearwater adapts medially to your soul,"channels/channels" its energy and transforms it into YOUR OWN SOUL MUSIC through the creation of emotional compositions.
The result is a music that not only touches you in the depths of your being, but also offers you the opportunity to let the present, new energies enter your physical body.

Soul music supports this in a wonderful way.

It works with your being and dissolves old beliefs - transforms them into the new consciousness - permeates all cells and makes them lighter, even more luminous.
Soul music and its frequencies of vibration, which are adapted to the new age, also release blockages. As one is ready to receive the music, to record it, so the blockages change. dissolve - constantly - peacefully - lovingly. Soul music is an absolutely ingenious medium to support this process.
One finds home with the absolute knowledge that the source of all being is in the here and now - within oneself. It's simple - delicious - safe.
It is up to you to combine yourself with these new vibration frequencies.
You experience that you are not a separate being, but an incredibly powerful energy body - full of incredible power, love and life energy.
Everyone is more and more aware of the truth that the outside world is illusion.
Soul music leads gently inwards - listen to it and feel it and experience it!
It fills you with light and gradually the new frequencies of vibration penetrate into the interior and help you to truly master your own being.

The more people can adapt to the new frequencies of vibration, fill up with light and live - the faster the light will spread on our planet. This is our journey and the destination!
With the soul music of the new age, the barriers to perception are removed and gradually we tune in to the ever-increasing energy, which shows that there is no such thing as separation - for: everything is everything!
This huge, universal web of the new age awakens enlightenment - which is already there! She's just plain recognisable! Everything is available! Recognize yourself!
Soul music awakens the way to one's own truth & to the light!
Also ideal as a unique gift!


"Since I've heard music, I know I'm immortal. Why? Music is the language of the soul. And you never get tired." (Peter Hille)

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