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My Untouched True Self | 432 Hertz

My Untouched True Self | 432 Hertz
My untouched true self is powerful and passes every transformation

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These 3 music titles in 432 Hertz should support everyone to experience the new awakening in the current cycle change in a harmonious and perfect way, to survive and to reach the energetic ascent untouched in the perfect self (I AM).

You can see, feel, observe more and more - provided you are ready for it - that something is coming to a head. There are so many events happening on our planet, which are getting more and more disturbing and confusing for all of us.
No matter on what levels these changes happen, be it through increased natural disasters, environmental influences that change or be it political, economic, social, medical or artificial intelligence, it happens! And that more and more vehemently and faster and faster.
The influences or the causes of all this may be looked at by everyone in his own way, we do not want to make judgements here, but to provide a musical-energetic form of assistance which can make it possible to stay with oneself, to remain calm, to stay firmly in one's innermost centre, no matter what may come there.

"Where language ends, music begins," said E.T. Hoffmann so beautifully.
And this is exactly where we start with our music in the 432 heart frequency, which works deeply, which supports and gives everyone the chance to survive this change in a consoling, strengthening and light-rich energetic way.

The 432 Hertz frequency corresponds to the holy number of creation and thus to the Golden Section/Principle, because it is part of the Golden PHI Spiral. 432 Hertz is the true, universal, equally tempered voice system. The frequency follows the path of least resistance.
One finds the number 432 in our genetic code, in the signature of our highest emotional and mental states and it tunes us, as frequency, into the perfect sound structure of creation.
The hemispheres of the brain are also synchronized with the 432 Hertz music (creative coherence); it causes healing.
With the 432 Hertz music the full holographic information is revealed.
This universal music has a harmonious vibration which conveys the love of the heart and works down to the smallest cells: it is the vibration of true DNA sounds. For in the universe only creative, creating power reigns, a power that means growth and love.
And this universal resonance can be felt in music!
The 432 Hertz music is the heartbeat in the state of compassionate love.
Through the 432 Hertz music it is possible to come into contact with the cosmos (the original substance). It is the vibration or the music of the galaxy, the sacred symphony of the genetic code, the sound structure of creation - it contains the principles of the universe and of life itself.
Thus the 432 Hertz music promotes the state of clear consciousness, is coherent with the heart rhythm, synchronizes with it also the work of the organs and the biorhythm and goes into resonance with the DNA. This harmonious musical frequency thus enables coherent, beneficial effects on health and well-being and generates increased, creative inspirations.  The Holy Number 432 can be found not only in music, but also in history, spirituality, architecture and sacred geometry.

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