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The Matrix Game

The Matrix Game

The quantum field is full of undreamt-of possibilities. The music "The Matrix Game" will help you to play in a positive way with these infinite possibilities. But one thing always remains true when you know that you create everything yourself: you are always responsible for everything. It has already been done in the past, although you may not have been aware of it yet. From this point of view, this knowledge enables us to deal with these energies wisely and joyfully at the same time.

In this sense: Morpheus (Dieter Broers) quotes from -The Reality Makers: (...) Thus quantum mechanics "describes light and matter like the music of a hidden non-material instrument - namely, the space-ether".

The music leads - without grasping it with the mind - into this ethereal space, in which one can actually only feel that one has arrived, is correct.

Note on music: Everyone knows the compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach and knows that he translated certain biblical passages, saints of the Bible and church cantatas into music on behalf of the church.
Likewise, Joseph M. Clearwater began many years ago upon request to dress certain themes in a musical energy field. He describes his talent as an intuitive, conscious grasping and perception, a transposition into sounds. His style of music is unmistakable.

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