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CD Peace

CD Peace


Music works not only for the moment, but also preventively on a mental and physical level.
Constant stress and overstrain lead to tension, disharmony and last but not least
to diseases.
The harmonizing sounds of music as a form of expression and means of communication touch the human being in its innermost core.
This activates self-healing forces that support the healing processes during therapeutic treatments.
Today, sound therapy is a recognised alternative treatment method.
To support your meditation and body techniques, you can work harmoniously with the music offered by Light Classic Psychophonic.


1. Peace - 23:58 Min.
2. Peace and Freedom - 10:54 Min.
3. Peace for the Feelings - 14:27 Min.
4. Peace for the Mind - 13:57 Min.

Running Time: 1:03:25 

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