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CD Cell Renewal with 432 Hertz Music

CD Cell Renewal with 432 Hertz Music

  Cell Renewal with 432 Hertz Music

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The Title:
1. Cell Renewal with 432 Hertz Music - extra long Music-Title - 29.42 Minutes

This extra-long piece of music at 432 Hertz is something very special - it was created for the renewal of all cells of all bodies!

Everything is swinging, is in motion - down to the smallest particle. Vibration means life that pours out incessantly.

That is why music is effective at all times, because it is also nothing but vibration. It can bring the vibrations in and around us into harmony.

And not only that! It is the best way to steer vibration, to use it to completely renew oneself!

Cell renewal based on vibration is the fountain of youth for soul, mind and body!

Do you know that quarrels, violence of any kind, even negative thoughts and words can destroy?

Very sensitive people, for example, feel aggressive and at the same time loud, even angry words such as blows that attack the body. It is not surprising that some people get really sick because of such grievances, under which they have to live often and continuously.

Hard, evil words can instantly trigger something in us, something that contradicts our true essence and therefore destroys cells.

But that is precisely why the opposite principle is, of course, just as effective! Build, soothing words and sounds of love and light that harmonize with our essence - the I Am - lift us up in all our being and provide renewal and healing.

A renewal that extends to the smallest particles and beyond.

The music not only fills the body with its vibration, but also purifies the entire aura and higher bodies, which vibrate in harmony with the body.

Depending on what is blocked in our body, whether it is a disease, an illness, a malaise or a mental strain, the "invisible" body around us reacts at the same time and sends this "malaise" back into our body and transmits it beyond that. This causes many unwanted conditions to solidify if this "malaise" is not remedied. Other people will feel consciously or unconsciously through the aura when something is wrong with us - the other way around. Ultimately, this is expressed by the body with diseases - or with blooming health.

It's a cycle in which toothed wheels work together like clockwork.

However, it is possible to dissolve, clear and renew these blockages (diseases in all areas, whether body, mind or soul).

Let the music flow in and flow through the whole body.

Try to let the music flow from head to toe - and feel the expansion: how the music goes beyond your body - and your aura fills and cleanses.

In this way, your environment and all related matters will react, renew themselves, be more positive towards you, and ultimately it will bring you more health, satisfaction, happiness and perfection in every way.

Protect yourself at the end of the music by imagining a perfect, impenetrable protective mantle that surrounds you insurmountably and indestructibly. This protective mantle, charged with new energy, will not only bring positive new things to your body, mind and soul, but will also attract the perfect possibilities desired from the outside (other people, other situations, etc.).

The 432 hertz music renews every cell in your body:
No matter what you want to transform, it is applicable with this music. For example, if you want to lose weight, let the music flow into your body, imagine how tiny particles dissolve unwanted cushions in the body regions.

Deal with illnesses the same way!

You have probably already heard that your entire body is constantly recreating itself in the course of your life. Your skeleton, for example, is constantly renewed. In the course of a seventy-year life, the body produces twelve times a completely new skeleton. And all by themselves!

For this reason, it is important to consciously provide him with new information during the automatic process of natural renewal, which has a healing and harmonious effect. And this is possible by sending him new vibration with the 432 Hertz music. This is best done with this magical 432 Hertz music!

Music is an immaterial access to the higher realms of knowledge, which understands man without man understanding him.
Ludwig van Beethoven

The whole system of creation is based on vibration.
And the music supports you in an effortless way, because it creates the desired for you.

According to Hermes Thoth & the famous Emerald Tables:
Use this possibility of 432 Hertz music to purify, renew, transform and create that consciousness to be a new man.

Running time: 29.42 min.

The audio sample can be found on the MP3 tracks under the category "432 Hertz-Music"!

More information on the topic 432 Hertz - music (vibration) can be found here


Text: Petra Meier
Title: Petra Meier
Cover Design: Melanie Meier
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