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I Am Here & I Am There

The music "I Am Here & I Am There" combines with the master energy of St. Germain & Jesus Chris-tus. 

"I Am" conveys the presence of the all-embracing creation - the divine principle - the loving, active presence in every human being.

This presence flows through us as we breathe, it permeates all the cells of our body. 

Only we human beings imprint imperfect values on this powerful "I Am" presence through our thinking and doing.

Therefore, it is important to view this "I Am" presence as Divine Essence, to consciously provide positive expressions of the "I Am" and to connect and live the connection of one's own being with this God-presence.

During the music meditation, consciously connect to the "I Am"present, it will charge you with powerful energy and build an insurmountable shield around you so that no external energies that are not identical to the "I Am" present can touch.


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