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Mindfulness - (MP3)


When mindfulness touches something beautiful, it reveals its beauty.
When she touches something painful, she transforms it and heals it.
(buddhist wisdom) 

Mindfulness demands absolute attention, in every second of life: from self-reflection to the thoughtful choice of words that one pronounces or does not pronounce.

Being mindful means being mindful means being mindful in all areas - you look at your environment carefully as well as your counterpart, just as you look at yourself. This is the only way to uncover your own characteristics of existence and overcome inconsistency, suffering and non-self.

To this end, we will introduce you to supporting music titles for the respective forms of existence, which have to be overcome. No matter how you use the music - whether you listen to it during meditation, yoga or Reiki, walking, sleeping or just passing out - the individual titles are information carriers. This means that the information is in the vibration that the music spreads, and thus automatically releases its promoting effect. Let yourself be inspired - and be careful!

Note: there is a second one to this music title: Consciousness - The Insight. A further title to go deeper into this highly sensitive topic.

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