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Self-Help for Breathing Difficulties/Shortness of Breath (MP3)

Self-help for Breathing Difficulties/Shortness of Breath

This special music activates self-healing powers that support therapeutic treatments and healing processes.

In order to achieve a targeted success, the first step towards self-control is to calm all external activities of the mind and body. Make sure that you are not disturbed, become completely still and introduce yourself and feel your body shrouded in a blinding white light.
Focus your attention on the center of the heart and imagine it as the Golden Sun.
Deeply recognize and feel the connection between the outer self and the powerful healing spark of God in you that penetrates every cell of your body. Feel how this healing energy of the music flows through them and direct it to this energy, so that with its consuming light and its power it consumes and burns the disease. See your body in its original perfection. Feel and imagine it as realistically as possible. Envelop your body with music and give it all the love and forgiveness you can give to others like yourself and thank the divine presence.

Do this exercise as often as you can, imagination and sensation control everything and can be realized in the outer world, also in your body. Believe in it and success will come!

You can also listen to the music without consciously working with it, quietly in the background or turn the volume upside down, the energy of the music still works, even if you don't hear it! For example, when you fall asleep in the evening.

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