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Walk in the Clouds (MP3)

Walk in the Clouds

We are so distracted from the outside world, under stress and busy with everyday worries that we hardly ever come to ourselves. Our world of thoughts chases from here to there, is bombarded by so many impressions and increasing worries that sleep disturbances arise because we can no longer switch off properly. The nervous system and the subconscious mind are tense and running at full speed. The result is a circulatory system that we can no longer control and that manifests itself in insomnia: the nervous system is connected to the glands, which in turn is connected to the chakras and vice versa.

Our fine matter and material body works like a clockwork. If something is not right in one, it affects the other. If we are occupied with negative, unconscious thought patterns, this affects the nerves, this again affects the part of the body related to the problem. It can cause stomach, intestinal problems, nausea, heart problems, etc. at the same time. occur. That's why it's important to learn to relax with the music, to breathe deeply, to focus on the thoughts, to focus attention on these positive activities.

Try to cleanse your chakras and send positive words to your body like: I AM calm and relaxed. Don't focus on the subject of sleep, but practice consciously calming your body.
Learn to talk to your body, it has its own intelligence (e. g. the Emotional Intelligence = seat in the solar plexus).
Talk to him in a friendly and benevolent way and thank him in the end for his perfect work and trust him. After all, her body works (heartbeats, cell renewal, etc.) otherwise without her conscious help!

Meditation: After relaxing and listening to the music, imagine yourself floating on clouds, sheltered and safe. You feel comfortable and relaxed like a baby in the womb.

Tip: Autogenic training, yoga and similar exercises support this.

If you are in medical treatment, be sure to follow your doctor and meditate with the music.

The music generally activates the self-healing powers that are supposed to support therapeutic treatments and healing processes.

Read our contribution under "About the music", which will give you an understanding of the impact of the music.

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