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Find Consolation and Love - (MP3)

Find Consolation and Love

The principle of love is so great and immeasurable that it can flood "everything". Love does everything, it is the highest and depends on nothing. Love is all created out of love. Everyone in reality longs for nothing but love. Love is the beginning and end of all things. It is the power behind life. Love is the true wealth of creation. Love is wholeness, the oneness, the here and now. It's just there and it just needs to be received. Music connects with the unintentional, free love that is above all human understanding... A deep longing seizes the minds - it happens more and more intensively! The longing for love in the heart kills darkness - a boundless, passionate love, free of mind, intention and purpose.

It is precisely at these unusual times that we are called upon to understand the unconditional principle of love that permeates everything and through which everything has been created. The love that comes from the heart, from a heart that knows divine truth, the love that is aware of the boundlessness of your power and strength.

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